My whole life I have grown in a school lacking in diversity, leading me to a feeling of divide due to my mixed background. My Pakistani-Irish background puzzles people everyday. Such events have inspired me to more fully explore and celebrate my Pakistani culture, and depict my true sense of identity by incorporating fashion from both cultures. In order to infuse both cultures that I identify with, I portray Pakistani culture through draping and intensive patterning. Traditionally, women in Pakistan dress very reserved. American influence is shown through my use of contemporary styled silhouettes that show and expose areas of the body rather than hiding it. The styling of my outfits exude a sense of confidence and power. The bright, loud colors represent American style and the sense of freedom and individuality of fashion in the US.  In order to create the fabric, patterns designed as custom digital designs were printed out. These were designed to incorporate self portraiture, hence exploring how the pieces themselves both literally and figuratively depict my identity. In order to make the fabrics, graphic drawings were turned into digital patterns, then fabric printed out on a wide format printer. Next, I designed and sewed custom pieces that reflected dress silhouettes from both cultures. Lastly, custom backgrounds were printed out for the final photoshoot. The poses I chose represent confidence and power, aspects that are prevalent in both cultures .The use of 21st century artmaking through a back and forth process of digital skills and traditional skills reflects the merging of the two cultures as well by using contemporary mediums to do so